let’s talk podcasts (1/3)



Podcasts are having a big moment in my life right now.

Now that I am staying at home full-time, the house gets pretty quiet and to be fully honest, I get lonely during the day. I like to have background noise to fill the house while I work and do my household chores to fill the empty space. I used to keep the TV on, but that always ended up with me sitting, then eventually laying down on top of the very pile of laundry I was trying to fold. I also tried listening to music, but it never quite engaged me in the way I needed to get through the lame household drudgery that comes with raising a family and managing a household.

In walks Podcasts and thank goodness!

Podcasts are the answer to my dreams right now. My mind is following along and engaged with a thought-provoking story, laughable re-cap, tips and tricks from other online parents, or a point a view so different from mine, that I just have to listen a little bit longer.

Here are the podcasts that are currently in my queue. Since I have quite a few, this will be a 3 part series.

So let’s talk Podcasts – Part 1 of 3!

Pop Culture & LOL Trashy TV Re-Caps

bitchseshthumbnailBitch Sesh: A Real Housewives Breakdown Show – by Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider: This is by far my favorite recap podcast. Not only am not ashamed to say I love the Real Housewives of Orange County and watch it like it’s a car wreck happening right in front of me, but when listening to this podcast I feel like I am surrounded by hilarious girlfriends whose only purpose in life is to make me laugh. Put on by the hilarious Casey Wilson from SNL and Danielle Schneider, writer and creator of Hot Wives in Orlando on Hulu. They meet every week in Casey’s nook in her kitchen, drinking rose and dishing on all things Housewives. They not only hit it on the head every time, but they also have their amazing and witty friends as guests of the show most weeks. This podcast will have you laughing out loud, even if you have never seen an episode in your life. I recommend this to anyone who loves to get together with their girlfriends to drink too much rose and laugh A LOT.

ladygangthumbnailThe LadyGang – by Keltie Knight, Becca Tobin and Jac Vanek: This is a another laugh out loud all #girlboss fueled podcast put on by strong female characters of Hollywood. They may be actresses, CEO’s, TV hosts and living in the land of glitz and glam, but I tell you, they are just like every other girl trying to build the best life she can for herself. They leave no topic off the table; sex, beauty, embarrassing moments, snail trails and being thirsty for IG fame (looking at you Keltie). They are a take me as I am group of girls and I couldn’t love them more. I recommend this podcast for anyone looking for an authentic look at what girlfriends talk about when they all get together, in the mood for a good laugh or just want to hear other #girlbosses trying to grab their spot in this world. PS. Pop over and give Keltie an IG follow, it will make. her. day. LOL…

heretomake-friendsthumbnailHere to Make Friends: A Bachelor Recap Show – by The Huffington Post: I love this podcast because I am not ashamed to say out loud that I love the Bachelor and Bachelor Nation. However, with that said, none of my friends feel the same way. I am a lone trashy wolf when wanting to discuss what transpired for 2 hours every Monday night. Who will talk to me about Nick and his annoying pout, Ashley I. and ALL. HER. CRYING. Sadly no one, yet, I am working on it though. HA! So in the meantime, I hop on and listen to Emma Gray and Claire Fallon gab away about all the glorious ‘trashery’ that happened mere hours before. I recommend this podcast for any Bachelor lovers out there.

afterbuzzthumbnailBachelor in Paradise Aftershow – by AfterBuzz TV: I like this podcast for the same reasons I like the Here to Make Friends podcast, I have no shame when it comes to the Bachelor Franchise and all it’s shows. Bachelor in Paradise is the even trashier version of the Bachelor. At least on the Bachelor they pretend to be there for love. On this show they are there purely for the tequila, free vacation, sex and drama! YES, one ticket for that please. I recommend this podcast for any shameless Bachelor in Paradise fans like me.

That’s a good place to start! Please chime in below in the comment section and let me know what podcasts YOU are loving right now.

Next week I will post “Let’s Talk Podcasts – Part 2 of 3!” Subjects include podcasts on Society & Culture and Writing. See you then!

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