let’s talk podcasts (2/3)


Hey y’all! Let’s continue to dish about all the podcasts that are having a moment in my life right now.

So let’s talk Podcasts – Part 2 of 3!

Society & Culture Podcasts

thisamericanpodcastthumbnailThis American Life – by NPR: This is a podcast that takes captivating themes from all over the globe and breaks them down into 3-4 “acts“/ mini stories for a total of an hour at a time. The topics span from hostage crises over seas, finding love in a refugee camp, to people telling humorous stories about having an undesirable talent. I also want to note that this is one of my 9-year-old son’s favorite podcasts. He loves the special time we have listening to it together and it opens up opportunities to discuss topics I normally wouldn’t think to discus with him, without being promoted. (There is always a warning before the podcast begins to what to expect and if it is not appropriate for young children.) I would recommend this podcast to anyone who wants to hear stories from around the country about everyday people living extraordinary lives.

happierpodcastthumbnailHappier with Gretchen Rubin: This is a podcast devoted to finding little ways to bring happiness into your life. Gretchen Rubin is a bestselling author, mother, wife, sister and a devoted Happiness researcher. She and her sister, Elizabeth Craft join forces in this honest and upbeat podcast to discuss their “happiness gold medals” and “happiness stumbling blocks” in their weeks, while being real about how difficult it can be in the moment. I would recommend this podcast to anyone who wants to grow as a person, add a little more happiness to their lives, build better habits or wants to be a better version of themselves.

Writing Podcasts

10minutepodcastthumbnail10-Minute Writer’s Workshop – by NHPR: This podcast inspires the professional writer hiding inside of me. I love storytelling, my stories and others. I have always seen myself as a writer, even if I am not professionally published or “known”. This is a podcast devoted to how great writers craft their work, “from creative rituals to guilty distractions, writers reveal what it really takes to get pen to paper. Hosted by Virginia Prescott, host of Word of Mouth from New Hampshire Public Radio”. I would recommend this podcast to anyone who enjoys the creative art of writing, whether it be blogging, journaling or professional writing. I love being able to learn what methods work for others while still figuring out what works best for me.

This is another good place to stop. Just like last time, please chime in below in the comment section and let me know what podcasts YOU are loving right now.

Next week I will post the final installment in this series;  “Let’s Talk Podcasts – Part 3 of 3!” This time, subjects include podcasts on Parenting & Parenting Culture and Podcasts for Kids. See you then!

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