sh*t happens

If I have learned anything from my mere 37 years on earth, it is life hits, it hits hard and with no remorse.

THIS I have no control over but what I have learned after many internal struggles and full disclosure, many sessions on the couch, is that I DO have control over how I react to it, that it is okay to break and that you are no more weak than someone else because you crumble from time to time. There is a strength and grace in breaking and building yourself back up. It is those that break and stay broken that we should pray for.

January was a total shit show around my house and I have decided that today, February 3rd is the start of my New Year. Lol… See ya January, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.


“You are going to be happy,” said life, “but first let me make you strong.”


January has been full of idiots in politics, strokes, rain, pneumonia, the stomach flu, sick puppies and now ending it off with 2 family members down with Flu A whatever that is.

With that said, as much a shit show January was, it did have some redeeming qualities so let’s focus on those…

  • The Bachelor started up again. Which means I get to see my girlfriends more than usual as we snuggle together to bet, snark and sip rosé while laughing our butts off
  • Brayden turned 10 and continues to surprise me with his kind and sensitive heart on a daily basis
  • This lady managed to get in some self-care time at the gym and out in the sunshine before Flumageddon hit
  • The Finding Kindness Project had a successful mission and with the help of friends and our community, we were able to donate a large sum of donations to help cloth the homeless. Make sure you read all about it HERE.
  • The Literary Ladies, which I still have to tell you about, had our second meeting and picked out our next book
  • The drama hit and throughout it all my friends made me smile and helped to lessen the burden
  • Barrett turned 8 and celebrated with a 103 fever and a BIG smile on her face because “I know my birthday party is canceled, but I have you mama.” Yes, sweetheart, you have me and you have me hard.

I hope your January was less dramatic than ours, but let’s agree that all that doesn’t matter anyway because 2017 starts today anyway…

*taken today, see even the universe agrees…

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