starting over


You know, my mind is still processing how quickly I lost 10 years of blog content from Motherhood + Me. A couple of small mistakes; not backing up my content and letting my domain payment lapse for TWO DAYS; lead to one big one; losing my content and beloved domain completely.

I am not a stubborn person with most things, but with THIS I most certainly am. I have sat on this information for months now with an inner struggle of whether to hang my head is shame for good, since I can’t seem to consistently blog like I want to anyway, or pick myself up and start over.

Well, since I AM stubborn, the only option I could see working out was to pick my ass up, once again and start over.

Hey! Hey! Y’all! Fresh Start…yet again. I think we should all just start calling me the “Comeback Kid“, at least let’s make it my theme song for now. LOL.

So, I know I have written this post many times in the past, but ya know what!? I am forever a work in progress and I am iron-willed right now in becoming a better version of myself and the person I see I am in my head, the creative being I feel I am in my soul, the mother I ‘think’ I am in my daily life and the storyteller I am always am leaning on.

So hey y’all its me again.

You aren’t rid of me yet.

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