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Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world. ~ Archbishop Desmond Tutu

I’ve talked here before about the importance of raising kind and generous children, especially in today’s uncertain times. I have also had the opportunity to have in-depth conversations with friends, other moms and family on why this is so important to me and so close to my heart.

Through these conversations I have been blessed to meet a friend, a mom and a kindred spirit in my quest for raising a kind and socially conscious next generation. We first bonded last year over our girls becoming inseparable, then as most relationships do, we bonded over our common silliness, snarkiness, and moral compasses when it comes to parenting. Like me, she is a creator, a creative soul, and a do-er as a parent.

Late one night, in a corner booth of a darkened bar, we found ourselves both frustrated and looking for the same thing; an easy way to get out into the world with our kids and teach them about social action and the importance of giving back. Sure there are websites and blogs all over the internet devoted to ways to volunteer with your kids, but we wanted a local “chapter or club“, if you will, that outlined ways they were helping in their communities right now.

So the light bulb went off.

Why can’t WE create that?

We thought, let’s create exactly what WE are looking for, document it for our children, share it with the world and maybe inspire a few people here and there. Why can’t WE do that?

We can and we did….

I am happy to share with you The Finding Kindness Project.



Our goal is simple: to bring communities and families together through social action. We want to be the example of to our children, that you can spread kindness wherever you are, no matter how big or how small, and why not make it fun in the process by sharing the experience with your friends and local community.

We had our first event yesterday, a shopping meetup to benefit the Second Harvest Food Bank, with the kids and their friends after school. You can read about that, our mission statement, our focus for December and everything else at

I’d love for you to check it out, poke around, leave a comment and most of all GET INSPIRED.

Thanks so much for your support!

We are both very excited to see where this leads us and our children.



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